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Base currency used within our eco-system and across all future decentralized applications.


Decentralized applications build by partners incl. Swaps / Farms / Nfts / Staking / Launchpads and many more within the DACapital Eco-System.


Consistent burning events and airdrops to all holders across DACapital-Networks.


Detailed education trading-analysis for most financial markets shared by our experts on a daily basis.


Development of new algorithms / trading-software and finance-software for various markets.


Partnerships with influencers / brands and other projects across all our networks and dapps.

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Earn passive holder rewards with our base currency used within our eco-system and across all partnered decentralized applications.

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Burning / Airdrops


DACapitalTrading enables anyone from any background to be able to learn the financial markets and how to trade them with the correct approach and skillset.

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24/7 Support Team


Early Development

Very early development phase including gaining the skillset to provide the highest quality standarts in all areas.

DACapitalTrading was Founded

First community products have been launched to provide enough funding for all future projects and developments.

Q4 2021
Private Content for Free Now!

DACapitalTrading was sold out consistently and we are finally able to provide all our trading related services for free and increase industry standarts without brokers deals / without private groups or mentorship programs.

Q1 2022 - Q2 2022
Development and launch DACapital-Coin ($DAC)

Development and launch DACapital-Coin (Base Currency) used within the whole DACapital Eco-System and all our future partnered decentralized applications.

Q1-2 2022
Development and launch DACapital-Network ($DACN)

Development and launch DACNetwork-Coin including Partnered Swaps / Nfts / Farms / Staking / Launchpads and many more.

Q2 - Q3 2022
Establishment of Global Partnerships + $DAC Rewards

We help celebrities / influencers and brands to have a step into the crypto space building the whole eco system for their own token with consistent Airdrops to all $DAC holders.


Most frequent questions and answers

100.000.000 $DAC Tokens

40.000.000 Tokens Liquidity

40.000.000 Tokens Locked

20.000.000 Tokens Burned

– – – – –

~ 20.000 USD Liquidity

~ 50.000 USD Market Cap

~ 0.0005 USD / Token

There will be low tx fee and other events..
Ownership won´t be renounced for now!

Certik Audit (Soon) 

There is a community poll within our telegram group! (04-06 Jan 2022)

Liquidity will be locked in two month cycles to increase security standarts.

Token holdings will be used to supply the liquidity pool consistenty and locked in biweekly cycles.

Yes, the owner of all private keys is doxxed and available at: 


We are a core team of four people including two devs and two people for all marketing operations.

We bring crypto to the people including influencer and brand tokens building a strong network around the globe.

All basic marketing operations as promotions / ads and more will be done consistently.