NFP WEEK starting of this pretty slow, Manufacturing PMI`s at EUR/GBP and USD between 9:55 and 16:00 GMT +1 on Monday!

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Tuesday starting with strong AUD movement caused by RBA Interest Rate Decision and RBA Rate Statement at 4:30, GBP Pairs movement will start with BoE Gov Carney Speech at 10:15 and Construction PMI at 10:30!

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Wednesday price movement will rise a lot across the Currency Market! All different kind of News at all Pairs between 1:30 and 16:30 will move markets and start Trending in a direction especially for USD Pairs!

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On Thursday market will still trend on basis of Wednesday News decision, only CAD pairs will change direction possibly..

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Closing this week with strong USD movement and a small push at CAD Pairs with NFP Report at 14:30 GMT +1 German Time!

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Keep your Portfolio safe for this week, expecting a lot of movement!

Have a great week everyone!