DACapitalTrading Mentorship (Forex or Stocks) including everything you need to know to use our well tested trading methods by yourself.


Full market breakdown on sunday based on simple Rules and understandable for everyone.

Live trading whole week with simple descriptions on how to manage our Setups and Trades.

Everything you need to know to be able to trade the same way we are!

Lifetime Mentor and access to all future Webinars.

Strategy / Psychology

Psychology behind every trade and setup.

Understand Human Psychology and Emotions to understand market movements.

Strategy is based on Reverse psychology patterns (RPP).

Numbers / Data

Understand the importance of Data and Backtesting.

Our strategies are well tested and working on all market conditions.

Everything you need to know about Data/Backtesting and our Strategy.

Prices & Booking

(DACapitalTrading Lifetime Membership included for free!)

5 Day Mentorship

1.299,00 €

3 Week Mentorship

2.499,00 €

Skrill / Crypto Payments:

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