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Swing Trades

Live updates and 24/7 Management of all Private taken trades.

Around 20 Trade Setups aiming for consistent 2-3% per Month with 0.5% risk per position. (Risk is scalable).

Swing trades running for 1-2 Weeks.

All trade setups based on reverse psychology patterns.

Weekly Performance Reviews.

Technical Analysis

Up to 26 Technical Analysis every Sunday including all Private Trades with best possible SL / TP and Entry Levels.

Trade description with most important levels to watch on each setup.

Instant trade Notifications and Updates for all running Trades.

100% Quality

DACapitalTrading ensures you the highest possible quality in all market conditions.

We enable anyone from any background to be able to learn the financial Markets and how to trade them with the correct approach and skillset.

Prices & Booking

1 Month Membership

49.00 €

3 Months Membership

124.00 €

Lifetime Membership

799.00 €

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